Author: Haroon Shaukat MD

I was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, but with very little knowledge of all things DC. “Crabs and football, that’s what Maryland does”, unfortunately I could only partake in one of those. I grew up with a crab allergy so blue crabs are a make believe creature to me, much like the lochness monster. I decided to take the leap of faith and attend medical school abroad but family and home could not keep me away for too long. Residency took me to New Jersey where I began to cultivate my love for medical education and low tolerance for poor pain control. Did I mention I also learned that I outgrew my crab allergy in NJ! Alas, to the DMV I return! Hopefully to contribute to medical education and quality improvement while feasting on a Maryland blue crab or two.

Pediatric Humerus

Introduction:   Proximal: Relatively common physeal and metaphyseal fracture seen in children with a peak age of 15 years. Salter-Harris 1 is most frequent in <5 yo Salter-Harris 2 is most frequent in >12 yo Metaphyseal Fractures tend to be in 5-12 yo Shaft: mostly traumatic but occasionally from non-accidental trauma. Up to 5% with radial […]

Pediatric Clavicle

Introduction:   Medial: Rare injury to medial physis, considered childhood equivalent to adult sternoclavicular separation. Anterior Displacement – patients head may be tilted towards affected side Posterior Displacement – innominate artery and vein, internal jugular vein, phrenic and vagus nerves, trachea, and esophagus may be injured Distal: Rare injury to distal physis, considered childhood equivalent to […]

IOTW: Tonsillar Ultrasound

This is tonsillar ultrasound and it is negative with no abscess. You can see the submandibular gland on top, the tonsil in the box, and the echogenic specks below it from the air in the pharynx. Below are more images of a normal tonsil on ultrasound of a pediatric patient “The information in these cases […]

Orthopedics- Upper extremity #1 discussion

Jennifer Chapman, MD Children’s National Medical Center Case of a 12yo boy with upper chest pain after football collision. Your responses: Respondents: 4 PEM fellows and 2 faculty, no Associate/PA Diagnosis: 7 votes – No injury (0) Fracture of clavicle (60%) Other: R SC separation (12% ) Other: Sternoclavicular joint dislocation (28%) Is Orthopedic consult […]

Hot Seat Case Denouement #125: 16 day old with lethargy

Mary Beth Howard, MD Children’s National Medical Center Case: 16 day old FT male with 2 days of fussiness and poor feeding. Parents felt the infant was sleepier than usual and often had to be awakened to feed. Mother was GBS positive and inadequately treated. On exam was afebrile with normal vital signs but pale, […]