Author: Marci Fornari

Marci was born and raised right outside of NYC, but she is now a self-proclaimed Philadelphia (and Eagles fan) thanks to her husband. Over the past decade she has been making her way down the East Coast, and she is very excited to take advantage of all DC has to offer during her fellowship. Her academic interest include quality improvement, intimate partner violence screening, social determinants of health, as well as a goal to obtain an MPH. When she is not in the emergency department, you can find her on the beach, the ski slopes, at the dog park with her labradoodle, or at Orange Theory Fitness.

Hot Seat #154: 16mo concern for foreign body ingestion

Marci Fornari, MD, Children’s National Medical Center CC: Foreign Body Aspiration HPI: 16 month old ex-FT female with no PMHx presents with concern for foreign body aspiration. Parents were feeding her dinner when she seemed to choke on a piece of apple. She coughed a few times but did not spit up any food or […]

Hot Seat #145: 14yoM with bloody urine

HPI: 14 year old male presents to the ED from his PCPs office for evaluation of ongoing hematuria. He reports the symptoms have been present on and off for 2 weeks, but have never occurred in the past. He states his urine is bright red and does not clear with urination, but denies passing any […]