IOTW: Wheezing in the winter

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This is a 9 year old girl who presents with wheezing for the first time in the setting of fever. You can see below between the two rib shadows the beginnings of a consolidated lung with air bronchograms (which shows up as white) consistent with a pneumonia. You also see that the A-lines are obliterated, which signifies that this lung is not normally aerated. This image was obtained with a linear probe (as you can see on the top right L10-5, which stands for linear probe 10-5 MHz) but with a splayed image (as you can see at the top of the screen, next to the Z it is not a straight line across but curvilinear) to allow for a larger visual field.

“The information in these cases has been changed to protect patient identity and confidentiality. The images are only provided for educational purposes and members agree not to download them, share them, or otherwise use them for any other purpose.”

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