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Ultrasound: Scrotal edema and abdominal distension

by Priya Gopwani   A 3yo M presented with 2 weeks of worsening abdominal distention, scrotal and LE edema.  He has a history of frequent vomiting x 2 years.  He had been seen the week prior with mild abd pain and vomiting, and was found to have an albumin of about 2 with no proteinuria.  […]

Optic Nerve Ultrasound to Detect Increased ICP

by Lauren Staple   Optic nerve ultrasonography may be used to help identify increased intracranial pressure (ICP) in a rapid, noninvasive and safe manner. The optic nerve is part of the central nervous system and is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid. The sheath around the optic nerve is a continuation of the dura, and the subarachnoid […]

Bedside FAST ultrasound

An 11 yo M with no PMH presented with 2 days of intermittent RLQ pain which migrated to periumbilical area.  Some vomiting of remainder of ROS is negative.  Patient was awaiting formal ultrasound of appendix.  A bedside FAST exam was performed.  This demonstrated asymmetry between the right and left kidney.  Bedside ultrasound focusing on the […]

Cardiomegaly and cardiac ultrasound

Posted by Joelle  HPI: Two year old male with developmental delay was referred by his PCP to evaluate cardiomegaly on CXR. The patient presented to the pediatrician with 4 days of cough and fever and crackles on exam.  The CXR is shown below: On arrival his vital signs were as follows: •       Temperature Axillary        36.5 […]