Author: Joanna Cohen

Joanna is originally from NY where she attended medical school at Downstate in Brooklyn. She completed her pediatric residency at Johns Hopkins and made her way south to DC for PEM and ultrasound fellowships. She has remained in DC, making her home in Capitol Hill since 2005. She stays busy mostly attending youth soccer games with her three kids and running.

IOTW: Cholelithiasis

16 yo M with SSD presented with RUQ pain. US revealed cholelithiasis without evidence of cholecystitis. He had no pericholecystic fluid or gall bladder wall thickening. He was admitted and his pain continued. He had a radiology US which confirmed his POCUS findings but also found a 7mm CBD indicating obstruction and went on to […]

IOTW: Atrophic kidney

This  2 yo M with sickle cell disease found to have incidental left renal agenesis. Note the mild compensatory right renal hypertrophy. Mean predicted size for a normal 2 yo kidney is around 7cm. This patient had a 3cm kidney and a greater than 8 cm kidney.   “The information in these cases has been […]

IOTW: Gestational Sac

This was a 17 yo F with abdominal pain and vomiting found to have a positive pregnancy test. Her POCUS showed a 6wk gestational sac but no yolk sac. An IUP can not be diagnosed without either a yolk sac or a fetal pole. By 6 weeks this should be visible. She was transferred to […]

IOTW: Infant with Anterior Chest Mass

This full term newborn presented with an anterior wall chest mass that had been present for 6  days. The baby was well appearing and had no fever. The US is below. MRI confirmed 3 x 4 x 2 cm abscess with possible extension into the anterior mediastinum. The abscess was drained by ENT with no […]

POCUS IOTW: Ectopic Pregnancy

This patient had a positive beta HCG and her LMP was 8 weeks ago. By 8 weeks you should see a fetal pole and even detect a FHR. Notice the free fluid in the abdomen and the empty uterus here, raising concern for an Ectopic pregnancy. “The information in these cases has been changed to […]