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Hot Seat #219: Gut-sy Decisions

Case by Brandon Ho, CNH PEM Fellow It is a wonderful Saturday evening in the ED when an 11-month-old female presents with 3 days of projectile vomiting after every feed. Vomiting occurs 4-5 times a day and is described as occasionally yellow-green. Parents note that her stomach is very hard after feeding but becomes soft […]

Hot Seat #218: Denouement

This week we highlight the case of a child who had a toothbrush impaled in the oropharynx. The crux of the decision centered around sedation for imaging with a potentially unstable oropharyngeal injury. It is important to note that though the patient was currently stable in this case, he had a high potential to be […]

Hot Seat #218: A Brush With Danger

Case by Mickey Emmanuel, CNH PEM Fellow A 3-year-old boy with no significant past medical history comes to the ED today with a toothbrush impaled in the oropharynx. Mom did not witness the event but did note that he was jumping up and down on the bed while brushing his teeth.  She believes he fell […]

Hot Seat #217: A Caustic Conundrum

Case by Hannah Kotler MD, CNH PEM Fellow You are carrying the transport phone when you receive a call for a destination decision: 15-year-old M ingested “half a bottle” of household bleach in a suicide attempt. Currently, he is c/o stomach and throat pain. His vital signs are as follows: HR 80, BP 118/78, SpO2 […]

Hot Seat #216: Dazed and Confused

Case by Erin Thomas MD, INOVA PEM Fellow 13-year-old transgender male with history of asthma, MDD, GAD, PTSD, h/o SI who presents with a seizure-like episode at school. He had 1 minute of witnessed convulsive seizure activity. Per mom, he was his normal self this morning. All medications were kept under lock and key at […]