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Hot Seat #227: Tension at the Top

14-month-old unvaccinated child presenting with 1 day of bulging fontanelle. Two days prior to presentation patient had 3 episodes of non-bloody non-bilious emesis. In between these episodes she did tolerate PO without emesis and was acting at her baseline so family monitored her at home. Yesterday,  she was still having normal PO intake, was no […]

Hot Seat #226 Denouement

This week’s case highlights a case of an adolescent with neck swelling. All learners agreed that the first step was to obtain imaging. The choice of imaging largely depends on the clinician’s suspicion based on the history and physical examination. In this case, there was potential trauma to the neck which may increase the risk […]

Hot Seat #226: Bumps and Bruises

Case by Nicholas Dimenstein MD, CNH PEM Fellow An 11-year-old male was brought into the ED by his parents with concerns that another player may have stepped on his neck during football practice. His neck is slightly swollen. He complains of a minor headache that started on the drive to the ED. Denies neck pain, decreased ROM, nausea, vomiting, […]

Hot Seat # 225 Denouement

This week we highlighted a case of headache with an abnormal neurologic exam. We discussed that the patient would not meet the criteria for a Code Stroke given the patient presented >24 hours from symptom onset and therefore was outside the window for TPA therapy. All learners were concerned for an intracranial process, possibly an […]

Hot Seat #225: Pain in the Brain

Case by Chidimma Acholonu MD, CNH PEM Fellow A 13 yo M, previously healthy male presents with 1 week of cough and congestion with 2 days of worsening headache. He initially presented to an urgent care for occipital headache and URI symptoms. He tested negative for COVID and Flu at that time and was discharged. […]