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Hot Seat #195: 10-month-old with diarrhea

10-month-old ex FT F presents with subjective fever and bloody diarrhea.  Patient with 3 days of non-bloody diarrhea, however, 1st day of bloody diarrhea was day of ER presentation.  Caretaker describes it as bright red streaks of blood and mucus mixed in with stool. Caretaker is unsure of stool frequency but approximates it’s with every […]

Hot Seat #194: A Pedestrian Pickle

You receive a call from EMS, who is on-scene with a 13-year-old female who was a pedestrian struck by a car reportedly traveling at 15mph, requesting assistance with destination. She is amnestic to the event. EMS reports that she is currently ambulatory, alert, and oriented. She sustained lacerations to her face and is complaining of […]

Hot Seat #193: 6 yo female with SOB

Masouma Mohamed, PGY4, INOVA Children’s Hospital Fellowship HPI:  A 6-year-old female presents with difficulty breathing accompanied by her grandfather. For the past 3 days, she was not feeling well and was noted to be breathing quickly. No fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. She was seen by her PMD this week and started on Augmentin and cyproheptadine […]

Hot Seat #192: A Sore Throat Quandary

Case by Dr. Christina Rojas, MD HPI: 20 y/o female with a history of migraines presents with fever, sore throat, and headache for 1 day. No vomiting, diarrhea, cough, or shortness of breath. She has still been able to manage her secretions and drink liquids despite throat pain. Headache is nonfocal and feels similar to migraines […]

Hot Seat #191: A Pain in the Neck

Case by: Jessica Hippolyte, MD, MPH You are carrying THE phone when you get a call from EMS regarding destination decision. They are on scene with a 7 year-old who was a restrained backseat passenger who was involved in a front end MVC. Unclear speed of oncoming vehicle (patient’s vehicle was going ~15mph). Patient was […]