Author: Walter Palmer

I grew up in Massachusetts and lived there through medical school. My favorite hobbies are pretty classic New England: traveling, skiing, taking summer trips to the beach, and watching the Patriots win Super Bowls. After med school I moved to Chicago for pediatrics residency and received my master's in public policy. I loved my time there but I'm excited to be back on the East Coast as a fellow here at Children's National! Professionally, I am interested in how public policy influences accidental injuries and toxic exposures in children and the development of clinical guidelines. Outside of work, you can find me buzzing around on an electric scooter exploring DC's monuments, parks, and restaurants.

Hot Seat #200: Tip-Toeing Around the Tap

By Dr. Timothy Carr, Children’s National Medical Center You receive a call about a 2 ½-month-old girl presenting to an outside hospital for 2 days of fever, cough, nasal congestion. Tmax at home 39.5 C. Patient has been feeding, voiding, stooling normally. No respiratory support needed. Patient with no medical problems. No regular scheduled medications. […]

Hot Seat #198: A Damp Dilemma

By Brandon Kappy, MD, Children’s National Hospital You receive an EMS notification about a 5-year-old M being brought in following a near-drowning event that occurred in the last 30 minutes. Per EMS report, patient climbed over a fence and jumped in a pool, despite not knowing how to swim. His mother does not know how […]

Hot Seat #196: 18-Year-Old with Allergic Reaction

By Chris Kovaleski, Inova Children’s 18-year-old previously healthy girl is being brought into your ED by EMS. Per bystander report, the patient was running around a track and felt her throat “was weird,” so she took 25 mg PO diphenhydramine. By the time EMS arrived, patient was found to be unresponsive with facial swelling and […]

Hot Seat #192: A Sore Throat Quandary

Case by Dr. Christina Rojas, MD HPI: 20 y/o female with a history of migraines presents with fever, sore throat, and headache for 1 day. No vomiting, diarrhea, cough, or shortness of breath. She has still been able to manage her secretions and drink liquids despite throat pain. Headache is nonfocal and feels similar to migraines […]

Hot Seat #190: Umbilical Uncertainty

HPI: 16-day-old ex-38 wk male who presents with erythema around the umbilicus. The umbilical stump fell off 1 day ago, and since last night parents have noticed redness along the umbilicus. This morning the erythema has worsened and child seems to be fussy upon touching the umbilicus. No drainage or pus from umbilicus. No fevers […]