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Cranial Ultrasound

by Kaynan Doctor Children’s National 2 month old previously healthy male presenting to the ED with altered mental status. For the past 2 days his mother has noticed “eye rolling” with reduced tracking as well as increased fatigue. On the day prior to arriving his mother noted that he slept for 23 hours. No recent […]

Ultrasound to facilitate shoulder reductions

by Sonny Tat, Children’s National Shoulder dislocations are a common dislocation that presents to an emergency room. Anterior dislocation is the most common type of dislocation (95%), followed by posterior and inferior dislocations. Anterior dislocations are the result of a direct blow to an externally rotated, outstretched arm that is adducted. Traditionally, plain radiographs were […]

Ultrasound: Scrotal edema and abdominal distension

by Priya Gopwani   A 3yo M presented with 2 weeks of worsening abdominal distention, scrotal and LE edema.  He has a history of frequent vomiting x 2 years.  He had been seen the week prior with mild abd pain and vomiting, and was found to have an albumin of about 2 with no proteinuria.  […]

Optic Nerve Ultrasound to Detect Increased ICP

by Lauren Staple   Optic nerve ultrasonography may be used to help identify increased intracranial pressure (ICP) in a rapid, noninvasive and safe manner. The optic nerve is part of the central nervous system and is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid. The sheath around the optic nerve is a continuation of the dura, and the subarachnoid […]

Bedside FAST ultrasound

An 11 yo M with no PMH presented with 2 days of intermittent RLQ pain which migrated to periumbilical area.  Some vomiting of remainder of ROS is negative.  Patient was awaiting formal ultrasound of appendix.  A bedside FAST exam was performed.  This demonstrated asymmetry between the right and left kidney.  Bedside ultrasound focusing on the […]