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Hot Seat #162: A Patient with Inadequate Imaging

HPI: 16-year-old male with no pertinent past medical history presents for medical clearance with police.  Earlier today he was in a physical altercation and was subsequently arrested.  During the altercation, he notes that he was punched multiple times in the face, and ultimately thrown to the ground. He currently reports pain in his jaw and […]

Hot Seat #157: 10 day old with elbow swelling

CC: 10 day old girl with elbow swelling HPI: 10 day old ex FT girl presenting with left elbow swelling and decreased movement of left arm. Parents report that in the middle of the night, they noticed she was not moving her left arm the same way she was her right. Waking every 1-3 hours […]

Hot Seat #178: To do or not to do…?

HPI: AS is a 12yoF ex-25 weeker, with history of hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, currently with trach and g-tube dependence presenting with fevers and increased tracheal secretions. At baseline she is on trach collar during the day and BiPAP at night. She was last well 3 days ago when she developed nasal congestion and daily fevers […]

Hot Seat #177: Denouement

The Cases: A baby with apnea and for a toddler with a complex febrile seizure. Here’s how you answered: This week we discuss two kids with the same dilemma: Do they need an emergent lumbar puncture? In the first case, we have a baby presenting with concern for an apnea episode at home. Initially, both […]

Hot Seat #177: To LP or Not to LP?

Nichole McCollum, MD, Children’s National Medical Center Patient #1 (AD): 13-week-old ex-26 week infant presents with cough, NBNB post tussive emesis and bradycardia on apnea monitor in the setting of known RSV infection. No fever. No cyanosis. Tolerating PO and normal UOP. Upon arrival to ED, patient is noted to have an apneic episode lasting approximately […]

Hot Seat #176: Denouement

The Case: A 15-year-old with remote history of epidural hematoma and craniotomy presents after a brief loss of consciousness. Here’s how you answered: Our case this week involves a common presentation with a few twists. A 15-year-old boy presents after a brief loss of consciousness without signs of seizure or persistent altered mental status. His […]

Hot Seat #175: Denouement

This week’s case focuses on the approach to a patient with vertigo. We polled the group regarding their initial laboratory workup in a stable patient with vertigo and found a range of responses. Many opted for a minimal workup including no testing or just a covid test. Fewer chose to send some basic laboratory evaluation […]