About PEMAcademy

The goal of PEMAcademy is to provide a collaborative, accessible learning resource that supplements what we already do at the bedside, in didactics, and through textbooks. Formerly Emergency Bear Treats, this site has grown out of collaboration between PEM divisions at Children’s National Medical Center and INOVA Children’s Hospital. With an increased user base and a need for a smoother online learning experience, we have relaunched as PEMAcademy and will be adding features iteratively. The vision of PEMAcademy is that the website will be an interactive tool that continues to grow and change to meet the educational needs of its users. PEMAcademy solicits feedback of its users to constantly improve the website and make this learning tool as beneficial as possible.

Features of PEMAcademy

Hot Seat

denouementLogoThe Hot Seat is a series of asynchronous, case-based discussion of common clinical and diagnostic dilemmas found in the pediatric emergency room. Faculty are placed on The Hot Seat and publish their opinions without knowing the case or its outcomes. Cases are based on real cases and written by PEM fellows at Children’s National in DC and INOVA Children’s Hospital in Virginia to highlight teaching points. Haroon Shaukat MD is the faculty advisor for the Hot Seat and reviews all cases.

ECG Modules

These case-based modules guide learners through the assessment of pediatric ECGs. They are intended as a supplement to in person ECG instruction but can be useful on their own. Created by a team of PEM physicians and a pediatric cardiologist at Children’s National (Gopwani P, Patel S, Greene E, Chapman J.), the goal of this curriculum is to improve accuracy of ECG interpretation by PEM physicians and decrease missed diagnosis. Gopwani P, Patel S, Greene E, Chapman J. A Module-Based Pediatric ECG Curriculum to Improving Accuracy of ECG Interpretation by Pediatric Emergency Medicine Providers. MedEdPORTAL; 2014. Available from: www.mededportal.org/publication/9779

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