Author: Brian Lee

Brian is currently a Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellow at Children's National. Prior to starting his fellowship, he completed his Internal Medicine/Pediatrics residency at Brown University and then worked both as a pediatric hospitalist and a pediatrician in a community emergency department. He is very interested in medical education.

Hot Seat #191: A Pain in the Neck

Case by: Jessica Hippolyte, MD, MPH You are carrying THE phone when you get a call from EMS regarding destination decision. They are on scene with a 7 year-old who was a restrained backseat passenger who was involved in a front end MVC. Unclear speed of oncoming vehicle (patient’s vehicle was going ~15mph). Patient was […]

Hot Seat #189: How fussy is too fussy?

HPI: 16moF otherwise healthy, presents with fever and fussiness. Has had 4 days of upper respiratory symptoms with decreasing PO over this same time. Yesterday she had vomiting, though the parents deny and blood or bile. Today has taken only minimal formula and has gone 12 hours without a wet diaper. Presents for further evaluation. […]

Hot Seat: You’re as Cold as Ice

Case by: Masouma Mohamed, PGY4, Inova PEM fellowship HPI: 50 day old, ex FT, born to GBS negative mom, presents to the ER with low temperature. The child was doing well until 4 hours prior to presentation, when mom noticed that she felt cool to touch with forehead sweating. Mother checked a rectal temperature, and […]

Hot Seat #187: Why won’t he eat?

Case by: Dennis Ren, MD HPI: A 5-year-old boy presents to the ED refusing to eat. He had an episode 5 days ago when he choked on a meatball while eating. Parents state that spit the meatball out in its entirety. Since that time, he has been extremely anxious about eating. His parents have offered […]

Hot Seat #184: “Rash, Rash, Go Away!”

Case presented by Brandon Kappy, MD HPI: 14moF presents to the ED with diffusely spreading rash and itchiness. Two weeks ago, she received vaccines (MMR, VZV, Prevnar, Flu, HAV) at her well-child check. Following her vaccinations she experienced a tactile fever, but this resolved in 24 hours. Three days ago, she developed an itchy, red […]