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The Hot Seat is an asynchronous case discussion series. We focus on common clinical and diagnostic dilemmas found in the pediatric emergency room. Faculty are on the Hot Seat to publish their perspectives on the case without knowing the case or its outcomes. Cases are written by PEM fellows at Children’s National in Washington, DC and INOVA Children’s Hospital in Virginia to highlight teaching points. Sonny Tat created the Hot Seat, Haroon Shaukat is the Lead Editor, and Lenore Jarvis is the faculty advisor and reviews all Hot Seat cases.



The Hot Seat is a recurring web-based, informal case presentation that encourages provider sharing and dialogue about challenging or perplexing ED cases. Hot Seat cases are selected by PEM fellows, reviewed by Haroon Shaukat —the faculty advisor for the Hot Seat—and posted online on our website ( every other week.

If you’re on the Hot Seat, it means that you will post a written comment on the blog (details below), and attend the Hot Seat Debriefing during Thursday conference.

Being on the Hot Seat should be fun and stimulate thinking. Here are general guidelines.

This week’s case can be found at

  1. Compose a brief response to the case, addressing 1-2 teaching points that you feel are important. Possible discussion topics include the challenges, pitfalls, diagnostic pearls, disposition, or immediate management for this case. You will not know the result of the case—just like in real life!
  • Your discussion need not be long. 150-300 words can convey important ideas while keeping the discussion focused. Citing articles or texts is not necessary or expected—although you may do so if it adds value to the discussion.
  • Don’t worry about being right or wrong. The focus is on explaining your clinical reasoning, not guessing the outcome.
  • We hope to simulate the learner/mentor interaction that happens when faced with a challenging case.
  1. Post your response in the comments section immediately below the case in the “What do you think?” section. This can be done directly on the website.


  • You can also sign up to received notifications of follow-up comments via email. This way, you can see when anyone responds to your thoughts.
  • For back up purposes, it might be a good idea to write it in Word first and then paste it in.
  • The response should be posted prior to the Thursday conference Debrief
  1. Attend the Hot Seat Debrief during Thursday conference.
  • No preparation needed. Be prepared to provide a few comments on the case.

The information in these cases has been changed to protect patient identity and confidentiality. The images are only provided for educational purposes and members agree not to download them, share them, or otherwise use them for any other purpose.

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